Best InstaPot Yogurt Making Recipe

Yogurt in an instant Pot What? Is it kind of a joke? The answer is yes, we can make yogurt in an instant pot without any effort and the taste is beyond your expectations. This recipe is so easy and fool-proof. The homemade yogurt is substantially less zesty and unsweetened.

One of the easiest and quickest things to make in the kitchen is yogurt, and the instant pot “yogurt button” has made it easier. Just mix the ingredients and press the button. Yes, you can make instant pot yogurt without any fuss. You don’t always need to rush to buy a yogurt bowl from a market. In fact, you can make it at home.

Is it worthy to prepare yogurt in an instant pot?

Yes, it is worthy to make yogurt in instant pot cause of the two reasons that will compel you to prepare yogurt at your home i.e taste and cost. The yogurt prepared at home in an instant pot is cheaper and 100% creamier as compared to the yogurt available in the market. Once you have made instant pot yogurt then you will not buy the yogurt from the store.

Making yogurt using the “Instant Pot”

No doubt, with the invention of the instant pot the old cultures and cooking methods of the people in the past have been changed. Additionally, the instant pot is inbuilt with the “yogurt” button to prepare healthy homemade yogurt with the help of just two ingredients. It just takes a few minutes to prepare it.

Two Ingredients and the Game is over!

Yes, making yogurt at home just required two ingredients as there is no need to add preservatives, chemicals, thickening powder, and many others. Consequently, it is the cost-effective method. We just need the following ingredients to make instant pot yogurt

  • 8 cups whole milk
  • 1/4 cup of active yogurt


Let’s start with the instructions

  1. Pour milk in an instapot and close the lid properly. Choose the yogurt settings, set pressure to boil. This procedure can take up to 1 hour.
  2. After the milk has been boiled, open the lid and let the milk to get cool by stirring gradually. Let the milk reach 100 to 110 degrees F, this can take about 15-20 minutes. Take out one cup of milk and keep it aside.
  3. Now take a medium-sized bowl, mix the yogurt and 1 cup of milk in a bowl. Then add this mixture in the instant pot milk and whisk it properly without scrapping the bottom of the instant pot.
  4. Select the yogurt setting of the instant pot and adjust until it reads 8 hours. Let the instant pot do its work.
  5. Ta-da! Your healthy yogurt is just ready. Transfer it in your storage containers and refrigerate.

Enjoy the homemade instant pot yogurt with your family. Above all, after making instant pot yogurt you will never want to buy a store yogurt again!

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