Where is My Stimulus Check? Process to Track Your Stimulus Check If Not Received In December Month

If you too have not received the stimulus check for December 2024, then this article is for you. If you also want to know about it, then you can also check the official website of IRS. To provide relief from the economic impact caused by epidemics like Covid in the world, the U.S. The government announced to give 4 equal stimulus check payments to eligible citizens in the form of “Economic Impact Payment”. Three stimulus checks have been paid or now citizens are waiting for the fourth stimulus check which was to be paid in December 2024.

According to the official website of IRS, IRS has made 3 stimulus check payments or according to them, you no longer need to use “Get My Payment” application to check your payment status because eligible people already received the third stimulus check because they have received the payments. And this is why speculation is arising whether the fourth stimulus check payment will be received in December 2024 or not. But even if someone has not received the First, Second, and Third Stimulus Check payment or has received less, he/she can claim it in the following manner which are mentioned in the below sections.

What is Stimulus Check?

To stimulate the American Economy when a federal government pays a specific amount to the taxpayer is called stimulus check. Federal Government pays the stimulus check through direct deposited or it can be a paper check also. These stimulus checks are given to the taxpayer so that the taxpayer is encouraged to pay taxes. The stimulus check is not a fixed monthly or annual payment. It completely depends on the federal government as to how much amount and how much stimulus check will be paid to whom.

$2000 Stimulus Check for Seniors

$2400 Cola Stimulus Checks Coming

$1281 Social Security Monthly Stimulus Checks

December 2024 Fourth Stimulus Check

Federal Government of U.S. department had decided to give a specific amount in four equal payments to provide financial support to its citizens in crises. Till now 3 payments have been distributed to eligible individuals and now people are eagerly waiting for the fourth stimulus check.

Although there were speculations that the fourth stimulus check would come in December 2024 , there has been no news of its arrival yet. And if you have not yet filed a tax return, there is still time to receive your 2021 stimulus check payment, you will need to file a tax return to do so.

Where Is My December 2024 Stimulus Check

If you want to know when your Stimulus check will be paid then you can check by visiting the official website or for this you can also read some unique information required to login into the app or website such as your Social Security Number (SSN), Email Address, Date of Birth, phone number, and password. For online confirmation of Stimulus Check Payment, you can read all these on the portal or app.

Where is My Stimulus Check? Process to Track Your Stimulus Check If Not Received in December Month

How Stimulus Check Payment Given

IRS stimulus checks are given only to valid taxpayers of the country and their income level is also taken into consideration so that only eligible persons can avail the benefit of Stimulus Checks Payments. Stimulus check is deposited directly into your bank account by the government, or you can also get it through paper check if you have opted for paper check option while applying.

Check Your Stimulus check Payment Total

You can also know through your online IRS account how many Stimulus check payments you have received and what amount you have received. For this you will first have to login to your online IRS account and after that you can check your payment amount by going to the “Economic Impact Payment Information” section on the Tax Record Page.

In addition, “Letter 6475” is also sent to eligible individuals for Stimulus checks with confirmation that you have been paid a plus up payment for tax year 2021 or what is the total amount of your third EIP.

Where I can Track my Stimulus Check Payment

So far, the government has paid out its first, second, and third stimulus check payments to all eligible US citizens. And now people are waiting for December 2024 Stimulus Check or if you also want to know about it then you can track your stimulus check payment through “Track the stimulus Check” by visiting the official website or application.

California Stimulus Check

$1400 Stimulus Check Released

IRS $1400 Seniors Checks Coming

Claim for a Missing Stimulus Check Payment

If you have missed any payment or have not received as much as you should have, you can also report officials for missing payment. You will have to file a 2020 or 2021 tax return to receive Recovery Rebate Credit. For this you will first have to check in your account statement which of your payments is missing.

Or accordingly you will have to claim for 2021 recovery Rebate Credit or 2020 recovery Rebate Credit. If you did not receive your third payment in full, you will need to claim the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit and if you did not receive the first or second stimulus check payment, you will need to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit.

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