SASSA Status December 2024 -Check If You Are Eligible to Get R350 Payment

The South African Social Security Agency has made payments till the month of November. The citizens of South Africa are now waiting for the payment for the month of December. SASSA will soon start depositing the December month’s payments into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

Today in this article we will discuss SASSA Payment R350. Read this article completely if you want to know about SASSA Payment R350 like what is SASSA Payment R350, who is eligible for SASSA Payment, how to apply for R350 SASSA Payment, and how to get status of SASSA payment. can check.

What is SASSA Payment R350

SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency. In South Africa, eligible individuals are getting received R350 every month to meet their basic needs. Various types of financial benefit schemes are run in South Africa to support its citizens, one of which is SRD (Social Relief of Distress) or under this, a monthly payment of R350 is deposited in the bank account of eligible citizens from the African government’s side.

The government of South Africa had decided to extend this grant till March 2024 but after the latest update it has been extended till March 2025. Now eligible individuals can avail SASSA SRD Payment till March 2025. The purpose of adding new conditions for the grant is that only those people who need money should get the benefit of this financial assistance.

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Highlights of SASSA Payment

Scheme NameSocial Relief of Distress (SRD)
Administered BySouth African Social Security Agency (SASSA)
CountrySouth Africa
Grant Amount350
New Eligibilty ConditionsPerson have only one bank Account Person does not maintain more than R670 in their bank account
CategoryGovernment Aid
Payment DateDecember 2024
Official Website

Release Date of SASSA Payment of R350

SASSA has posted the payment date of all social grants for the month of December on its official website. By checking all the payments dates mentioned in the given point below, you can see on which date the payment of which grant is being made.

Beneficiaries should note that SASSA payments are not necessarily made on the exact date, dates may vary depending on the situation or circumstances. Payment is done through different methods like pick-n-pay method, bank transfer, post office branches etc. The individual can choose any of method as per his/her convenience to collect the payment.

SASSA Status December 2024 -Check If You Are Eligible to Get R350 Payment

SASSA December 2024 Social Grants Payment Dates

Various social grants payment dates have been declared for the last month of the year December 2024 by the South African Social Security Agency. It is not necessary that you withdraw your payment on the same day after depositing your SASSA payment. After transfer to your account, you can withdraw it whenever you want. SASSA Gold Cards is not going to expire in December 2024, and it will work after December 2024. In the table given below, you can check the December payment dates of many social grants in South Africa.

SchemePayment Date
Older Persons/ Pensioners Grant1 December 2023 Friday
Disability Grant4 December 2023 Monday
Children’s Grant5 December 2023 Tuesday 
Social Relief of Distress18 to 22 December 2023

What are the Conditions to Get R350 SASSA Payment

The R350 grant given in South Africa provides a lot of financial support to the families of South Africa. R350 is given in South Africa only to those individuals who are eligible for it. National Treasury has recently introduced the new guidelines or rules for the R350 grant mentioned below. 2 eligibilities have recently been added to it. The new eligibility criteria were added so that people do not take wrong advantage of this social grant run by the government.

The first condition is that the beneficiary should not have more than one bank account so that the SRD payment can be paid to all the needy or eligible citizens and to prevent Froud.

The second condition is that if the amount in the individual’s account is more than Rs 670, then that person will also not be eligible for the Rs 350 grant. If there is too much money left in individual’s bank account and the government feels that the financial assistance given by the government is not being used, then their grant can also be stopped if more than R670 is found in his account.

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SASSA Status December 2024

If you want to check SASSA Status December 2024 then you can check it by visiting the official or authorized website of South African Social Security Agency. By checking SASSA Status, you can check the status of grants issued by the government in which you will get the status of all its components like whether the grant has been approved by the government or not, grant money has been issued or not, grant money has been deposited into beneficiary account or not?

Citizens can check SASSA Status 2024 through their ID number and phone number. However, as per government rules, a person should wait for few days after the payment date is released because sometimes it takes time for the payment to be deposited in the bank account because all the transactions are done in bulk.

Check status of My SASSA R350 payment

If you also want to check your SASSA SRD payment status, then you can check it through various methods. You can check your SASSA Status December 2024 Payment on online with the help of official web portal or you can also check it on Moya Application. Apart from this, you can also check SASSA Payment Status through phone or WhatsApp.

Website: If you want to check your SASSA payment through the website then follow the steps given below.

  • First, visit the official website of Sassa @
  • Now click on “Sard Status” on the homepage.
  • Now enter your phone number/Id number as required and then click on “Validate”.
  • After clicking the updated SASSA status will be reflected on your computer screen.

Mobile Application: Apart from the website, you can also check your SASSA Status December 2024 on mobile application which is “Moya App”. You have to install the app first, and after installing the app you have to enter your ID and Phone number to check your payment Status of SASSA 2024.

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