acquires food tech start up Ketchupp

CarToq has announced acqui-hire of the Delhi-based start-up of food tech and only food delivery meta search engine i.e. CarToq is a media platform for enthusiasts & auto buyers. The key assets of Ketchupp will be taken over by CarToq which includes existing partnerships, employees & technology know-how.

A new division has been launched recently by CarToq named CarToq Studios for delivering to the automobile brands content & brand solutions. The brand solutions capabilities will be leveraged by Ketchupp for offering solutions to the automobile OEMs at scale.

CEO of CarToq, Nitin Srivastava believes that among the brands of automobile, content and brand marketing solutions will become the solution. He has also said that, the aim of CarToq is to become one stop shop for the marketers along with various added capabilities which include video marketing, influencer marketing, etc. This is intended to be done by acquiring right talent and team. In upcoming 2 years, brand solutions will account the overall revenue’s 35 per cent.

As said by Ketchupp’s cofounder Chirag Taneja, Ketchupp has been working with FMCG for almost 2 years now. Now, they intend to offer the automobile brands high impact, cutting edge, content driven brand solutions.  Tech & consumer experience will also be added. Taneja will head the CarToq Studios.

Also, a Hindi platform has been launched by CarToq recently for buyers & auto enthusiasts in country’s tier II & tier III cities. Later this year, they have a plan to launch more content platforms in vernacular languages.

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