Ketchupp Funding

Ketchupp Funding -Food Tech Startup Ketchupp raises 30 Million Indian Rupees Seed Fund

The online food ordering search engine Ketchupp in a seed round which was led by a clutch of investors & India Quotient has raised 3 crore rupees. Ketchupp is a platform for food delivery. It follows differentiated model which allows searching, on the basis of dish rather than any restaurant.

The cofounder of Ketchupp, Chirag Taneja has said that, they compare prices of a dish being searched by a user at different places and then suggest the best place from where the dish can be ordered. He has also said that, they are not platform for food ordering, rather they redirect users to the food delivery platforms or restaurants.

Taneja has said that, the capital will be invested in development of Ketchupp from search engine into suggestion-based model.

Cofounder of India Quotient, Anand Lunia has said that, when market is deep, then only meta search engines work. The model of revenue is more advertisement & leaddriven based. Thus, Ketchupp will have high tech business economics and will undergo light operations. 

Ketchupp Funding

Investors are now betting on the differentiated offering of Ketchupp.

The company is a year old. It is Delhi based and works on both commission based and ad based model. It charges around 15 to 20 rupees on an average for each order.

User base of 2.5 lakhs is being claimed by the company. Till next year, they are looking forward to increase to 3 million to 4 million. They are also looking forward for expansion of the platform and include dining options. The traffic will then be redirected to various platforms like Dineout & EazyDiner. Also, partnership with FMCG companies for new launches on Ketchupp or advertisement of products is under work, as said by Taneja.

Chirag Taneja, Rohit Taneja, Abdul Khalid & Narendra Kumar are the founders of Ketchupp. It is performing from September, 2015.

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