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Troubleshooting Instant Pot Burn Message & Error: Tips and Tricks

Instant Pot Burn Message (Hot, BURN) – Check out all possible error messages related to Instant Pot burn, including when the Instant Pot always says “burn,” shows a “hot” message and more. Learn how to fix all Instant Pot errors.

Instant Pots can make your life super easy, but only when they’re working correctly. If you receive the Instant Pot burn message, you might feel like you’re in “No Man’s Land” because you won’t know where it came from or what to do next.

Many people are concerned about the Instant Pot burn message, but often, it’s due to mistakes that people make. Here are some proposed solutions to help you avoid the burn message. If you haven’t purchased an Instant Pot yet, I highly recommend reading my review of the Instapot.

Reasons Behind Instapot Burn Message & Errors

Instapot Burn Message

Instant Pot is a convenient kitchen appliance that is capable of reducing cooking time and effort. However, users often face the “Burn” message on their Instant Pot, indicating that something is not right with the cooking process. In this article, we will explore the common reasons behind the “Burn” message and errors in Instant Pot, and how to avoid them for better cooking results.

Inadequate Amount of Liquid in the Instant Pot:

One common reason behind the “Burn” message is the inadequate amount of thin cooking liquid in the Instant Pot. Without enough liquid, the pot cannot generate enough steam and pressure, causing the bottom of the pot to become too hot, triggering the “Burn” code. This usually happens when cooking food rich in starch. Adding at least 1 cup of water until the pressure is satisfied can help avoid the “Burn” message.

Use Some Tested Recipes:

Using tested recipes that provide true liquid ratios and pressure cooking time is essential until one becomes comfortable creating their own techniques.

There Is A Chance That The Instant Pot Is Thick:

If the cooking liquid is too thick, it may not boil adequately, and the pot may not reach the appropriate pressure, leading to the “Burn” message. Adding thin liquid at the bottom of the inner pot can help avoid this issue.

Avoid Mixing Thick Sauces:

Mixing thick sauces in the food can also lead to the “Burn” message. Adding the sauce on top of the other ingredients and closing the lid before starting the pressure cooking process can help avoid scorching.

Adding Thickener After Starting Off With Pressure Cooking:

Adding a small amount of thickener like cornstarch, potato starch, or arrowroot after completing the pressure cooking process can help thicken the gravy without triggering the “Burn” message.

Following The Pot-in-Pot Method:

To prevent scorching, users can use a separate utensil like a stainless steel pot while cooking their favorite sauce.

Using Pressure Cooker To Cook Cream or Milk In The Instant Pot: Cream or milk products do not work well in the Instant Pot and can create a film at the bottom of the pot that overheats in the inner area. To avoid this, users should add cream or milk-based ingredients after pressure cooking.

De-glazing The Inner Pot Bottom Is A Bad Idea: Sauteing ingredients directly in the inner pot can lead to brown bits sticking to the bottom, which are not burnt food debris and carry flavor. Users should scrub them out and deglaze the bottom region with thin cooking liquid to avoid the “Burn” message.

Forgetting to Seal the Venting Knob: Not sealing the venting knob can cause more liquid elements to escape in the form of steam, leaving the insufficient liquid in the pot. Sealing the venting knob before pressure cooking and waiting for the floating valve to pop up can avoid this issue.


Instant Pot burn messages and errors can be avoided by adding enough thin cooking liquid, following tested recipes, using a separate utensil, avoiding mixing thick sauces, adding thickener after pressure cooking, adding cream or milk-based ingredients after pressure cooking, deglazing the inner pot, and sealing the venting knob before pressure cooking. By following these tips, users can enjoy better cooking results and avoid frustration while using their Instant Pot.

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