Fact-Checking Policy

At Susan Happ for Wisconsin, we are committed to delivering accurate, transparent, and reliable information. Our fact-checking policy is integral to our mission, ensuring that our research, analyses, and publications meet the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.


  • Verification: Every piece of information we publish is rigorously verified for accuracy. We cross-reference data with reputable sources, official records, and leading research to ensure factual correctness.
  • Sources: We prioritize information from credible, authoritative sources and clearly cite these in our content. When dealing with complex financial data or policies, we consult multiple sources to verify accuracy.
  • Expert Review: Complex analyses and topics are reviewed by experts or individuals with specialized knowledge in the subject area to ensure our interpretations and conclusions are sound.
  • Transparency: We are transparent about our sources and methodologies. When corrections are made, we provide clear updates to reflect accurate information.


  • Promptness: We strive to correct any inaccuracies or errors as soon as they are identified. Corrections are made prominently and transparently, acknowledging the mistake and providing the accurate information.
  • Responsibility: Our team takes full responsibility for our content. We welcome feedback and scrutiny from our readers to help us identify any inaccuracies or oversights.


  • Reader Feedback: We encourage our audience to report potential inaccuracies or offer additional insights. Reader feedback is taken seriously and considered an essential component of our fact-checking process.


Susan Happ for Wisconsin is dedicated to the truth, understanding the impact accurate information has on our readers’ decisions and perceptions. Our commitment to rigorous fact-checking underpins our credibility and your trust in us.