CPP Inflation Increase 2024: Is CPP Going to Increase with Inflation? Complete Analysis

In Canada, there have been a good number of support plans which have been released along with new additions of provisions in the plans which have existed before. This is to say that at the time of pandemic and after, the country had seen a rise in the cost of living, but at the same time, the incomes in the job industries had not increased with the same rates. As a result, there were a lot of people who came from those families which were put in the categories of low or moderately earning incomes.

To help with this, it was announced that there were going to be benefits which were either provided as one time assistance or which were extended as part of the relief which was planned. For this reason, one of the Federal Pension Plans, also known as the Canada Pension Plan (or the CPP) had also been announced to see changes in the coming years. The announcement had mentioned that all the citizens who were starting to make their contributions (both the workers and their employers) after the year 2019 will see the benefit of these changes.

CPP Inflation Increase 2024

The increase in the CPP Benefits is done by taking help of the Consumer Price Index (or the CPI All Items Index), which is measured to check the cost of living in Canada, and as a result, the increase in the CPP Benefits takes place to match with the increase in the CPI. This CPI is a method which was developed by Statistics Canada, and it is helpful in knowing about the price changes with their rates. This measure is helpful to show the changes which services and the goods in Canadian consumer market are given with their prices annually. As of 2019, the CPP was announced to gradually increase from the year 2019 till 2025.

This index measure helps with the CPP increase which happen annually, and they start in the month of January every year. The CPI is also calculated by taking the cost for a box of fixed commodities (for Canadians) and then comparing their costs. This means the box contains various commodities of unchanging quality and the quantity also for the consumers, and for this reason, the CPI calculated tells about the price or cost movements. For now, the base year which has been used for the comparison in Statistics Canada CPI calculation is 2002, which tells, that a box of commodities in 2002 was costing the Canadians about 100 dollars. This rate has now increased to the new 145.30 dollars in the year 2022.

Maximum CPP Benefit

CPP Payment Increase 2024

Canada Disability Benefit 2023-2024

Who Qualifies for CPP

For Canadians, the two federal pension benefits are the OAS plan and the CPP (or the Canada Pension Plan), and the CPP is a pension amount which is received as a benefit (taxable benefits) on a monthly basis. This income is helpful in the replacement of a Canadian’s income after they retire to help with the living costs for the rest of their life. The eligibility for a Canadian who wants the CPP payments is mentioned as:

  1. The resident must be 60 (minimum 60 years of age).
  2. The resident must have made a minimum of 1 contribution (valid contributions are those which come from their work in Canada or credits received from their spouses).

For those who want to make contributions and receive the benefits later, they will have to apply and they can also choose when they want the pension date from the CPP benefits to start (and the month). For many Canadians, the age when they start receiving their CPP Pension Benefits is between 60 and 70. In 2019, it was announced that the CPP Benefits will gradually increase with slow increases in the contribution amounts, and this was going to phase in with the complete plan as two components.

CPP Inflation Increase 2024: Is CPP Going to Increase with Inflation? Complete Analysis

CPP Enhancement 2024

The CPP Enhancement is aimed to increase the amount of the pension benefits which the seniors of tomorrow are going to get, and this is important for the residents as CPI shows high cost of living with every year. This is going to affect the people who are either working or contributing to the CPP from 2019, and the “CPP Additional Components” which are also called as “top ups” to the original CPP are as:

  1. The Base CPP: This is the original CPP which decided the amount before 2019
  2. The First Additional Component of the enhancement, and this was phased completely between the years of 2019 and 2023.
  3. The Second Additional Component of the enhancement, and this is going to phase in starting from 01st January 2024 and ending in 2025.

From 01st January 2019, many Canadian residents started to make additional contributions to the CPP, and now as 2023 comes to an end, the CPP2 Contributions are ready to phase in from 01st January 2024. These are increased or the CPP2 contributions which are going to begin after the first additional contributions in 2019, and for this reason they are going to be made till the Second Earnings Ceilings Limit. They are different from the contributions of the base CPP, and the First Additional CPP contributions from 2019.

Federal Retirees Pension Increase 2024

OAS Payment Dates

OAS Secrets

CPP Benefit Increase 2024 January

Those who don’t know, the income for which the CPP Contributions are made every year is called the Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings (the YMPE or the First Earning Ceiling). This YMPE limit is going to be around $68,500 for the year 2024, but with 2024, another earning ceiling, also called as the Year’s Additional Maximum Pensionable Earnings (or the YAMPE/ the Second Earning Ceiling) is going to begin.

This YAMPE is about 7% more than the YMPE for 2024, and about 14% more than the YMPE for 2025 and after. This is to say that the year of 2024 will begin with the YAMPE amount to be set around $73,200, and the contributions which will be made till the limit of the Second Earnings Ceiling (starting from the first limit) are the CPP2 Contributions. These CPP2 Contributions are going to take about 4% each from the individual and their employer (but 8% for the self employed).

This is to say that if the annual income is less than the first ceiling, then the contributions required to be made are the base along with the 5.95% (about 11.9% for self employed) of income (called as the first additional contributions). It must be noted that the CPP Enhancement Benefits are going to help with about 33.33% replacement of the resident’s income rising from 25% before 2019.

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