Disability Benefit 2023-2024: Bill C-22 Canada Benefits and Check Payment Dates

Bill C-22 became law after receiving Royal Assent on June 22, 2023, which is very good news. When Canada Disability Benefits Bill C-22 received Royal Assent in June 2022, the CDB had not yet come into force and its details were still being worked out. Once the details are finalized, officials will formalize them and outline them in law and the Canada Disability Benefit is expected to come into force as soon as 2024.

In this article today we will learn about Canada Bill C-22, what is Canada Bill C-22, when will Canada Disability Benefit 2023-2024 be implemented, who will be eligible for CDB, what is the update of Canada Bill C-22 Benefit, what will be the payment dates of Canada Disability Benefit, information about how much amount you will get in CBD is given in the article.

What is Canada Disability Benefit 2023-2024

For individuals who have a physical disability and are unable to earn a living Canada Disability Benefit is a monthly payment provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. Canada Disability Benefits are paid each month. To avail of the Canada Disability Benefit Plan, a person must submit a CRA online application.

The purpose of Bill C-22 is to reduce poverty or to financially assist people who work but have a disability or need financial security. People who want to apply for Canada Disability Benefits must fill out their specific information application form.

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Overview on Canada Disability Benefit Bill C-22

Scheme NameCanada Disability Benefit 2023-2024
ActCanada Bill C-22
AuthorityCanada Revenue Agency
Offered BenefitProvide financial assistance to the disabled population of Canada.
Age CriteriaBelow 65 years of age
CategoryGovernment Aid
Mode of PaymentBank Account Deposited
Expected Payment AmountNear By $1538.67
Official WebsiteCanada.ca

What is Bill C-22

Bill C-22 is Canada’s first national disabilities pension to receive royal assent. But we still lack a lot of information about Bill C-22 as the government is still working on whether it will determine all the details soon or maybe this disability benefit will be implemented in 2024. The Bill C-22 will be providing income security to a person with a disability.

However, till now the officials have not given any exact confirmation as to who will be eligible to avail this benefit or how much benefit can be given to whom. It is also reported that Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough has said that citizens will have to wait longer for the first payment as it may take another 1-2 years for the first payment to be made.

Disability Benefit 2023-2024: Bill C-22 Canada Benefits and Check Payment Dates

Update on Canada Bill C-22 Benefit

The latest update on Canada Bill C-22 Benefit is that in June this year 2023, Bill C-22 received royal assent. This news is very good for disabled people because the Canadian government has made it to keep them in mind so that they can get financial assistance to reduce poverty and provide them with income security. This payment will be distributed monthly. Currently, work is ongoing on this scheme, and when it is completed soon, the Government of Canada will provide official information about it.

Eligibility for CDB Bill C22

The Canada Disability Benefit is divided by age group or has certain criteria. Each age group plays a different role in CDB eligibility. First, if you are below 65 years of age or have been contributing significantly to your CPP then you are eligible to avail the benefits of the CDB scheme. You are also eligible for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits if you have a physical or mental illness that is long-term or has no treatment.

Benefit NameAge GroupCondition
CPP Disability BenefitUnder 65Not receiving the CPP Retirement Pension
CPP-Post Retirement Disability BenefitFrom 60 to 65If the individual becomes disabled before receiving the retirement pension or has already been receiving the CPP retirement pension for more than 15 months.

How much you will get for Canada Disability Benefit

While Canada Disability Benefit Bill C-22 has not yet been fully implemented, it is expected to be by the end of 2023 or early 2024. But many things remain to be worked on and the government is still working on it. Among all other aspects, one issue is how much the Canada Disability Benefit payment will be. Now no one knows the exact amount of the payment, so it is still a secret. But soon when work on this act is completed, the amount of CDB payment will also be disclosed by the authorities.

Because the main objective of this act is to provide economic assistance to disabled people by reducing poverty, the amount of payment of this scheme will be decided keeping in mind the regulation act. Like the Poverty Reduction Act etc.

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Payment Dates of Canada Disability Benefit

As everyone knows, the Canada Disability Benefit ACT has not been fully implemented yet. Elements remain to be worked on. There is no official information regarding CDB Payment amount as well as its payment dates but what is being said is that CBD Bill C-22 will be a monthly payment.

Apply for Canada Disability Benefit

If you want to apply for Canada disability benefits, you will need to go to the Service Canada website and fill out the CCP form. You will have to fill out your CCP form on the official app of CRA.

Along with the application form, you are also required to upload the necessary medical documents online, along with the doctor’s signature of confirmation, these documents will be considered valid. If your Canada Disability Benefit application is rejected, it may be because there is a problem with your paperwork, or some information is missing.

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