What kind of tea is good for digestion? Herbal, Green Tea for Digestion,

So you are looking for the best tea for digestion. You have come to the right place. Where you will find answers to all your questions related to digestion. Also what tea can cure your uneasiness. Sipping a cup of tea is not always about getting the taste right, or setting up a mood for work. It also has some medicinal quality for which it fits in our daily routine. Unlike our Indian milk tea or chai which does help in some kind of ailment but it fails to deal with the upset stomach at times.

There is no best tea for everyone. It will always differ from person to person and their particular body system. Considering the preparation of the tea as well.

Best tea for digestion (Herbal or Black Tea)

As the lifestyle changes, eating habits and health issues reached another level since then.  Many of the people have switched to green tea, herbal tea due to their medicinal benefits. They are highly recommended as the best teas for digestion. Both the teas are high on antioxidants and aim at increasing health quality with fighting bacterias.

However, herbal tea is most recommended for digestion. If you are having digestion problems then you should definitely opt for herbal tea. A huge variety of medicinal teas with the best properties to cure the body ailment. Be it ginger tea, lemon tea, chamomile, hibiscus or peppermint, etc., each one of them has a  unique quality to be right there for you when nobody is there. Though they are raw in processing but are worth one if you choose them for your tea closet.

The digestion brings out the best use of herbal teas. They are highly recommended and the best suited for your upset stomach.  But you might want to ask which herbal tea is best amongst the lot of them?

Which brings to another segment of the question below.

What is the best herbal tea for digestion?

The traditional tea of our civilization which boosts the immune system like no other tea. All of the herbal teas are good for the stomach and can aid digestion too. But to be specific, peppermint tea stands tall on the list. Peppermint not only tastes good but also aids digestion for ages. It is the first option we have been looking for whenever we encounter the ups and downs in the stomach. It calms the stomach well, accelerating the digestion process. It was always there in our food habit. If not as a tea then as a food ingredient. It was always there and will always be because you know what the people are not actually looking for preventions but cure mostly.

Herbal Blood Cleanser Chai
Herbal Blood Cleanser Chai

Best tea for digestion after eating

Many of you might have a habit of drinking tea after a hearty meal. Well, you can or cannot drink tea after a meal it is your decision. However, you should avoid drinking tea just before and after the meal. It can disturb your system and leave you with an uneasy stomach. You can enjoy your tea one hour prior to or after the meal.

Irrespective of what tea you consume you should know that the best tea for digestion after is the peppermint tea. Not only because of its tangy taste but for quite more reasons. The medicinal ability this tea has is commendable. Also, the tea helps in leaving with you a relaxed stomach so that you can even go to bed with ease.  It is anti-inflammatory and helps in the digestion process. Reduces heartburn and of course helps the body stay hydrated.

Herbal Calming Chai
Herbal Calming Chai

Best tea for digestion and bloating

The food habits have changed drastically without our acknowledgment. From healthy herbs to junkies, when did you switch to an unhealthy diet? You do not even know that right? Which takes us to another level of problems occurring from digestion. One of them is bloating.

Bloating can be cured by you preferring green tea over any other tea. The tea is loaded with antioxidants that improve metabolism. Fighting the bacterias and calms your stomach.  If you think black tea can cure then you are absolutely wrong about it, it certainly does not help in curing bloating or dealing with digestion or an upset stomach. As it is very much processed which brings out the fact that it lacks the natural elements to cure the problem.

If the food is not properly digested then it will inject a whole lot of trouble in your stomach. With you being unaware of it as well. For example, constipation will definitely hit you hard if you are not taking a good look at your digestive habits. Let see which tea can help in curing constipation and have the property to relax your muscles which constantly contract in constipation causing cramps and uneasiness.

Herbal Fasting Tea Chai
Herbal Fasting Tea Chai

Best tea for digestion and constipation

The best tea to cure constipation is herbal tea. Specifically, ginger herbal tea. It has the caliber to cure it. Being the warmest herb it injects heat in the body which eventually accelerates and pushes the digestion. The hotness of tea on one hand relieves the muscles. And ginger’s sole properties enhance the bowel movement.

Not just the taste but the properties of this tea are very relaxing. They might give a spicy bitter taste but as soon as it gets in your body there is a whole lot of wonder going on inside your body. A wonder worth for your upset stomach.

Best tea for digestion and weight loss

Now that you have become quite aware of the cure for your digestion issues caused by unhealthy digestive habits. You would ask for more. What else can tea do? Well, apart from tasting good and relaxing your mind and body it helps in weight loss too. Yes, green tea is the best tea for weight loss. Also, white tea and black tea are of great help in losing weight. Three of them consist of caffeine and antioxidants. The antioxidants present in these teas are known as catechins which enhance the process of weight loss. green tea however can be considered as the fat burner but only if you are not solely relying upon it.

Where black tea absorbs the fat and helps you in losing extra weight the white tea does the opposite. It is extremely rich in oxidants which breaks down the fat preventing it from forming new fat cells. Which is purposely beneficial but some fat is necessary for the body too. So choose wisely which tea works better for you. Also remember,  teas can help in accelerating weight loss but you have to burn your calories and the fat muscles to the core by indulging in regular physical activity for the same. Tea cannot solely cut the fat muscles out and set you free from extra fat.

Ginger Cardamom Chai

I bought this tea during my pregnancy. Just like they promised, this tea really helped me by treating my morning sickness. I would no longer feel nauseated or pukish few moments after I woke up. It also helped in circulating my body fluids. This is overall a great tea to have during pregnancy.

It has the two most powerful spices that help in improving the overall immunity system. It was the ideal tea for me that would keep me and my baby safe. Moreover, irrespective of my mood swings, sweet and spicy taste of the tea would always keep me on my feet.

Chamomile Flower

This is one of the best teas that I had till date. I bought 50grams of it to give it a trial and I am glad I did. Chamomile is known for its anxiety and stress reduction properties. So, two cups of it daily keeps me calm and together throughout the day.

It has a sweet taste of honey and apple, and leaves a pleasant and delightful aftertaste. The smell is similar, floral type. Apart from calming my nerves, it also helped me improve my complexion, regulate my digestion, and keep my blood pure. Every time I have it, it takes me to the lovely fields of Kashmir. This one deserves more than 5 stars.

Doke Ring Thunder

This second flush oolong tea from Teaswan had been picked up from the finest garden in Bihar that offers sweet and fresh flavors of the place. The liquor starts with a delectable amber color that offers a fresh smell of roses. The texture comes off as quite fruity and robust that would fill your taste buds for a long time.

The muskiness of the tea also adds to the overall experience. The leaves are delicately hand-rolled that unfold slowly over time, releasing a variety of rich flavors in every sip. If you haven’t tried this tea already, you’re surely missing a great deal.

Organic Ekta Golden Emperor

This is a well-crafted oolong tea that represents an unique mixture of sweet, spicy leafy notes with a slight oaky characteristics. Give it a swirl, and you will be welcomed by a fresh smell of cherries as well. This tea is for all those people who have just started to drink tea. It will perfectly suit them as it is flavorful and light.

The leaves appear blackish green, well-rolled, and long that clearly portrays their high-quality. I bought the 50 grams pack that lasted me for half a month. The next time I will surely buy the biggest pack that they offer.

Giddapahar Green Delight

The dark-yellow bodied, clean, brush, and relatively smooth cup offers quite an indulging experience. Delicate, crisp notes of summer sweet asparagus and freshly mown hay continue to persist throughout. As the leaves are picked during the second flush, they appear dark greenish-black with a few light-green stems that makes the tea garden fresh.

The tea is reasonably priced, and quantity is more than satisfactory. People who have a habit of drinking green tea before doing their workouts can opt for this one. It has greatly helped me to burn some calories and it does not even take much time to make it.

Jogijhora Green Tea

This is a well rounded and very smooth green tea from Dooars. It is savory, complemented with robust notes of stewed legumes and vegetables. However, it also has an added delicious honey and floral taste to it. I get a noticeable raspberry and strawberry note towards the middle as well as in the end.

Compared to Darjeeling green tea, it is a lower astringency level that carefully keeps the flavor intact. Overall, it is excellent in terms of taste, texture, and quality. Every cup reminds me of the spring season in Dooars. I would highly recommend this to everyone

Makaibari Green Tea

Even though we all know the health benefits of having organic green tea, this one from Teaswan surely beats all the others present in the market in terms of taste, quality, price, and benefits. It has a slight vegetable flavor that is balanced by an overall sweet taste throughout the cup.

The whole second flush leaves appear long and crisp, that stews readily within seconds of pouring it in hot water. The deal breaker for me is the price of this product. Even though it is a premium-quality product that comes in a high-end packaging, it is surprisingly cost-effective. I think I’ll become a regular customer of Teaswan now. (5stars)


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