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Instapot 2023-It has 6 Best Instapot Reviews 2023 and a guide to buy online that will help understand about Instant Pot model for yourself. 6 Best Instapots are LUX, DUO, DUO Plus, ULTRA & Smart Insta Pot along with pros & cons.

Short of time or short of kitchen space? Try Best Instant Pot it is amazing and absolutely perfect for you. Here is the list of Best Instant pot Review 2023.

The instant pot is a seven-in-one multi-cooker that provides fast and flexible cooking. It is a plug-and-play machine. Now you don’t have to buy a bunch of kitchen appliances for cooking. It is all in one. People love it because it is a convenient and time-saving device. It is one of the highest-selling brands on Amazon. Instapot has thousands of positive online reviews about the product. The instant pot is everywhere. But if you do not yet own one, then you should rush to buy and see Best Instant Pot Reviews




If you are planning to buy me, let me take your few minutes to tell you who am I.

I am everyone’s favorite Instant Pot; you can also call me Instapot. I am a multi-functional cooker. Yes, you read it right; I can be your slow cooker, your pressure cooker, rice maker, egg cooker, steamer, warmer, yogurt maker, sterilizer and even your sauté pan. can easily replace your 8-10 kitchen appliances.

Believe me, you don’t need anyone in your kitchen if I am with you. I mean any other kitchen gadget. With my fast and efficient cooking programs, I can save your time and money

INSTANT POT REVIEWS 2023 (Instapot Review)

This super-smart kitchen gadget is available in five exciting models, which are

RankProductRatingLowest Price
1Instant Pot DUO60 Check Price
2Instant Pot LUX60V3 Check Price
3Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, Check Price
4Instant Pot Ultra 6 Check Price
5Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6 Quart Check Price
6Instant Pot Max 6 Quart Check Price

Let’s dive into each model one by one to see what extra features it has: 🙂

My user-friendly and easy to use nature will help you to easily understand my functions and above all, I am safe to use. I am available there with many different models and features. See you there.


1:  Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

DUO instapot saves up to 70% less energy and you can cook food 2-6 times faster than other stovetop pressure cookers.

Duo Instant Pot

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Well, It is very much similar to its previous model. Along with many astounding features, this DUO Instant Pot has a more amazing feature to excited for. The main WOW factor is, it’s 7 in one.  Now you can enjoy creamy homemade yogurt with your DUO Instapot. So instead of buying 7 different kitchen appliances why not buy one DUO Instant pot. Trust me; you will not regret your decision.

This splendid kitchen gadget has 14 built-in auto cook programs, which are meat/Stew, Rice, Porridge, Soup/broth and many more. Don’t forget to invite your friends to scrumptious dinner cooked in DUO Instapot. Mark my words, you will get high praises.

And a quick tip for you while you invite your friends to dinner. Don’t plug off your instant pot. Instead, keep your cooked food on the “keep-warm†mode.  And Serve steamy hot food to your guest. DUO Instapot has 3rd generation technology with an embedded microprocessor, this will keep a strict check on pressure and temperature, and adjust high heating intensity.

If you have ever experienced any mishap related to a pressure cooker, then you would be glad to hear that DUO Instapot are ULC and UL certified. This ensures you fearless and confident cooking. Besides these safety certifications, it has 10 safety features that may eliminate the causes of mishaps. 

So stop worrying about safety. Just cook in DUO Instapot, you will rock. Talking about its accessories, so this smart kitchen utensil has come up with a steam rack with handles, recipe booklet, serving spoon, soup spoon, and measuring cup. Moreover, its steam rack, inner pot, and the lid are made up of food-grade 304 stainless steel, making the accessories withstand the corrosive actions of various chemicals found in food. An additional feature which DUO Instapot has, it has lid holder for left and right-handed users. It was absent in LUX Instapot. 

DUO Instapot is the number one selling instant pot on AMAZON. Your kitchen is shouting for instant pot.


In a nutshell, it has following mesmerizing features:

  • UL and ULC certified.
  • With 10 safety features
  • 14 built-in auto cook programs
  • Lid with left and right handle.
  • A large clear display panel
  • 3 ply bottom ensures even heating
  • Can operate on high and low pressure
  • Made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • Accessories included.
  • Require power supply of 120V-60Hz

Available in three models. Â

Duo Mini: 3qt cooking pot and 700W heating element

Duo 60: 6qt cooking pot and 1000W heating element

Duo 80: 8qt cooking pot and 1200W heating element

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2: Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker,

This earlier version of Instant pot is smart enough to replace 6 other kitchen appliances. Yes, it’s 6 in one. It merges the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, Sauté, steamer and warmer. With its 12 smart built-in programs, you can make a variety of delicious dishes for your loved one.

Best Instapot

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Not only this, you can even make a fluffy and moist cheesecake in your LUX Instapot. You can bake your favorite bread in just a couple of clicks. Baking moist and soft cakes and bread was never so easy. With its egg program, you can have access to varieties of boil egg, soft, hard-boiled or perfectly boiled egg.

Now you can enjoy your breakfast with your favorite type of egg. This is not the end, you can have properly tendered to sauté vegetables with its 3 ply bottom that ensures even distribution of heat. As far as its safety features are concerned, you are on the safe side when you have LUX best Instapot. Yes! Its UL and ULC certified, with 10 safety mechanism that assures users safety and confidence. It has a large and clear exterior display panel, which is fingerprint-resistant.

This useful 6 in one kitchen gadget comes with different accessories, including stainless steel steam rack without handles, rice paddle, and a soup spoon with measuring cup. Cherry on the top is its recipe book in English so that you can cook mouth-watering meals following instructions from the recipe book. With its fully sealed environment, nutrients and flavors of food remain inside.

So served tasty and nutritious food to your loved one. Word of caution: use the genuine instant pot accessories in order to maximize its performance.


Lets sum up its features:

  • Your safety is assured with its 10-safety mechanism
  • Its UL and ULC certified
  • 12 built-in smart cooking programs
  • Intelligent enough to memorize your last customization
  • 3ply stainless steel bottom
  • Accessories included
  • It uses a power supply of 120V- 60Hz 

Available in four models. Â

Lux 30: 3qt cooking pot and 700W heating element

Lux 50: 5qt cooking pot and 900W heating element

Lux 60: 6qt cooking pot and 1000W heating element

Lux 80: 8qt cooking pot and 1200W heating element

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3: Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, 6 Qt 9-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker,

If you ask me about my favorite instant pot model, I will raise hands for DUO PLUS. Launched in 2017, with some cool features that everyone will love it.

Instant Pot Reviews

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Let’s dive into its astounding features.

Talking about safety first, like other instant pot you need not worry about safety. You are secure completely. It has 10 safety mechanisms that eradicate the cause of catastrophic disasters. Besides these safety mechanisms, it has UL and ULC certifications, which means it has undergone a number of tests to ensure its safety.

The amazing part about DUO plus is, it’s neither 6 in one, nor 7 in one. It’s 9 in one.  Wow…!!

Functions of 9 appliances in a single appliance. With other programs, you can bake a moist and soft cake, boiled eggs, and can sterilize utensils with its cake maker, egg maker, and sterilizer program respectively. You can even pasteurize milk with its sterilizer option. Quite surprising! 

Not only this, with its advanced microprocessor technology, it has incorporated all those amazing features that make DUO plus a number one selling instant pot. DUO plus has come up with new large-size LCD displays with a new user interface to adjust cooking settings and pressure levels.  It has 4 new icons to easily know the status of cooker these are;

  • Heat indicates heating or cooking in progress
  • Keep warm, either keep warm mode is ON/OFF
  • Pressure cook indicates that the pressure cook program is being selected
  • And sound indicates, either it will buzz when the cooking starts or completed. 

It has 15 auto cook programs along with custom programming. So now you can enjoy a meal by customizing programs as well.

Moreover, if you like Sauté vegetables with your beef steaks tha DUO plus Instapot has 3 temperatures in “sautéâ€. So you can do searing, simmering or thickening of vegetables for a maximum time of 30 minutes. It also has 3 temperatures in “slow cook†and “Keep Warmâ€.

DUO plus Instapot has all those amazing and astounding features that one desires to have in his kitchen. 


In short, this model of instant pot is an excellent piece.  Let’s sum up its features:

  • UL and ULC certified- safety is guaranteed.
  • With 10 safety features
  • It’s 9 in one.
  • 15 built-in auto cook programs
  • Lid with left and right handle.
  • Large clear display panel with 4 more options
  • 3 temperatures for Sauté, slow cook and keep warm options
  • 3 ply bottom ensures even heating
  • Can operate on high and low pressure
  • It has custom programming 
  • Made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • Accessories included steam rack with handles, recipe booklet, serving spoon, soup spoon, and measuring cup
  • Require power supply of 120V-60Hz

Available in three models. Â

Duo Plus Mini: 3qt cooking pot and 700W heating element

Duo Plus 60: 6qt cooking pot and 1000W heating element

Duo Plus 80: 8qt cooking pot and 1200W heating element 

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4: Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker,

Next in the line is advanced, multi-functional, fully loaded with breathtaking features is ULTRA Instant pot.

Instapot Reviews

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Instant pot Ultra was designed by Canadians in order to make life easier and convenient. Ultra Instant Pot Reviews is among one of them that provides its user free-minded cooking. Glad tiding for you! It’s 10 in one. WOW! It can replace 10 other kitchen appliances. It’s ideal for those people who don’t have kitchen space to store all kinds of appliances, minimalists who want to keep their kitchen lean and mean.

The 10th program is a new and exclusive Ultra program. This unique program is basically the combination of all 9 programs; here you can do complete custom programming for pressure and non-pressure cooking. You can do much more with this new and exclusive feature. Besides this, there is another new feature that lacks in other models, which is altitude adjustment. best instant pot 2019

After the popularity of instant pot, a number of bloggers and writers shared their instant pot recipes from different regions of the world, irrespective of the fact that altitude may affect the cooking time in a pressure cooker. People had to guess the cooking time for the perfect result, which sometimes affects the quality of food. It creates a bad mark on the name of the instant pot. This is the reason instant pot has now introduced a new feature of Altitude Adjustment. This has eliminated the guesswork from recipe conversions. Now you can have more precise and accurate cooking time even at varying altitudes.

This is not the end. There is still more to read about Ultra Instapot.

It has 16 built-in smart programs that make you cook versatile food every other day. I am sure your family will love you for this. In Instapot Ultra, you can cook your favorite meal 70% faster than other stovetop pressure cooker. It saves energy as well as locks the nutrients and aroma into the food.

This immensely useful kitchen gadget has a larger blue LCD display ever with “cooking indicator†so that you can keep an eye on your food all the way from preheating to cooking and keep warm phase. This time instant pot has done some little changes in its model, by introducing a central dial for program selection, and Quick release button, that release steam safely after cooking is complete. Its UL and ULC certified and above all instead of 10 it has 11 safety mechanisms, “quick release†feature is one of them. 

Check Instant Pot Ultra Vs Duo – Comparison 


There is no harm in saying that it’s one of the bestselling model of instant pot. Let’s wrap up its features:

  • UL and ULC certified
  • Its 10 in one
  • With 11 safety features
  • 16 built-in auto cook programs
  • Cooking indicator
  • Central dial for selection of programs
  • Altitude adjustment
  • 3 ply bottom ensures even heating
  • Can operate on high and low pressure
  • It has custom programming
  • Made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • Accessories included Stainless steel steam rack with handles to lower and lift food, condensation collector, rice paddle, soup spoon, and measuring cup
  • Require power supply of 120V-60Hz 

Available in three models:Â

Ultra mini: 3 Quart cooker with a 700W heating element

Ultra 60: 6 Quart cooker with a 1000W heating element

Ultra 80: 8 Quart cooker with a 1200W heating element

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5: Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6 Quart Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker

Last but not the least on the list is, SMART Instant Pot. As its name indicates that it has some kind of very smart feature. This model of instant pot has come with Bluetooth and its app. This is indeed its one of the competitive advantage. Now you can choose a program and monitor it through your smartphone. Isn’t it a smartfeature!

Instant Pot

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A free iOS app and Android app can be downloaded from the App store and Google play store respectively.With this smart feature, you can even share your recipes. Quite interesting! Its 7 in one, replaces 7 common kitchen appliances.

Smart Instant pot has built-in 14 smart programs, your favorite dishes are just a few presses away. As far as safety is concerned, it is UL certified, which means it has a pass number of tests to obtain the certifications.  It has 10 safety mechanisms. Trust me; you are in safe hands when you are using instant pot. It will not explode at all. And it’s available in only one size that is 6 Qt. In my opinion, there should be a mini smart instant pot too. Best instapot 2019


Overall, it’s an instant pot with not much luxurious features.  In a nutshell, its features include:

  • UL certified
  • Its 7 in one
  • Assure safety with 10 safety features
  • 14 built-in auto cook programs
  • 3 ply bottom ensures even heating
  • Can operate on high and low pressure
  • It has custom programming
  • Made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • Accessories included steam rack with handles, recipe booklet, serving spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, and mini red mitts
  • Require power supply of 120V-60Hz

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6: Instant Pot Max 6 Quart Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker 

Make your cooking easy and quick!

Max Instant pot is the great invention of this century where housewives and working women are running short of time. This fast generation needs all things fast and wants to complete every task in a short span of time. That is why we are here to introduce one of the amazing Kitchen accessories that will change your lifestyle. Here we come with the Max Instant Pot. It is a marvelous product when it comes to quick cooking and a small space in the kitchen.


Instant Pot

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In addition, this Max Instapot can make your cooking easy and delicious. This kitchen gadget is seven in one multi cooker with various useful features. It offers speedy and flexible cooking. This Max Instapot is not less than a blessing for you whether you are a housewife or a working lady. In fact, most of the husbands and bachelors are getting inspired by its quick cooking method.

Furthermore, Max instant pot is a plug and play machine. So there is no need to buy various kitchen tools you have this and that’s all. It’s a master of all cooking utensils. People love it and prefer it because it makes the cooking convenient and most of all it saves your time.

Multifunctional Smart Cooker

Max Instapot is one of the smart and multifunctional pressure cookers. It is designed with all the advanced features that a woman wants to make her cooking easy, delicious, and quick. This electric pressure cooker’s interior is made with stainless steel material and it works like a traditional slow cooker by keeping the natural and healthy taste of the food. Moreover, it is one of the highest selling brands at Amazon.

Initially, when I came to know about Instant Pot, I grabbed it with a mixture of excitement and curiosity. A question was continuously poking me that how come a single appliance can really do the job of seven. Then the day of its use came. And I was amazed to find out that it’s all in one. It can be easily used. Really, It was amazing.[/su_note]

The most important part is, it’s completely safe. There is no fear of any catastrophic event.

Being a household cum frugal person I always look for appliances that give more benefit than its cost. The same is the case with instapot. It’s budget-friendly. At least you don’t need to buy other 7-10 appliances with a pressure cooker. instant pot is enough for seven. So my decision for buying instant pot was utterly correct. I never regret it. This has now become my most useful kitchen essential.

Talking about the product itself, Instant Pot Reviews is made by the No.1 electric pressure cooker manufacturer with over 10 million units already in household use worldwide. Every model of Instant pot is available in 3-4 sizes that are represented by a quart, meaning, a quarter of a gallon.

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Let’s have a look at Max Instant Pot Features.

  • Designed with a Touch screen interface.
  • It comes with altitude adjustments.
  • It features 15psi Pressure cooking Capability and NutriBoostTM
  • Max Instapot consumes 70% less energy and cooks the food at full temperature, spectrum.
  • It serves you as a pressure canner, pressure cooker, rice cooker, saute, slow cooker, sous vide, steamer, yogurt maker, food warmer and many more.
  • With the high and low settings of the temperature, you can acquire the desired results by retaining the vitamins, minerals, and natural flavors of your food.
  • It makes the food juicy, tender, healthier, and delicious in a short time.
  • Max instant pot also features a real-time temperature and cooking displays.
  • The lid can be easily locked and opened with the help of the lock.
  • The “Venting†feature which is done by a single touch is used to release all steam.
  • The “Lid-lock†feature provides incomparable safety measures to you.
  • The Max Instant Pot is designed with 13 mechanisms that you can enjoy after buying this pot.
  • It is made with the stainless steel materials which are 100% recyclable and environmental-friendly.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Instant Pot Models Comparison

ULTRA – new model
Pressure Cooker
Size3,6,8 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.
Yogurt Maker
Rice Cooker
Slow Cooker
Egg Cooker
Cake Maker
Custom Programming
Cooking Progress Indicator
Altitude Adjustment
Pressure Cooking
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


All these five models follow the same key features, which are:

  • Instapot has a timer function to delay the start of cooking for up to 24 hours. Timer function does not apply to the “Keep Warmâ€, and “Sauté” functions.
  • It has 3 ply stainless steel pot that is guaranteed to run safely and for a longer period.
  • It’s a Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker
  • It has Easy to Use Control Panel
  • With 3 temperature settings for Sauté and slow cooking, you can make your food tastes exotic.
  • Pretty much friendly for beginners, it has numerous built-in programs
  • Equipped with Dual pressure and automatic keep-warm settings
  • Energy efficient
  • It has 10 built-in safety mechanisms that are certified by UL and ULC.

These sizes are:

3 quart- quite small

5 quart- smaller one, ideal for bachelors and students living away from families.

6 quart – quite enough for the families of 4 members

6 quart – quite enough for the families of 4 members

I own 8 quarts, as I cook in large quantities.


I am pretty sure that you must be confused about which model you should buy. Let me help you.


It all depends on your convenience and budget.

If the budget is not at all any problem and you are looking for a perfect instant pot with advanced features, then you should go for DUO-Plus.

But if you are tech-savvy and want to have an intelligent and efficient Instant pot than choose Smart Instapot.

In contrast to this, if you are frugal enough to have a perfect instant pot than grab LUX Instapot.  You will save money.

You can go for Instapot Ultra if you are living in a high altitude.

As said earlier, it all depends on your needs, convenience, and budget.


With all these exceptional features, Instapot has come up with 10 levels of safety protection. These are…

  • Lid close detection: If you are unable to close the lid properly, it will not activate its Pressurized cooking feature. With an open lid, you can use only Sauté and keep- warm option.
  • Leaky lid protection: We often heard of leaky lid problem that arises due to improper closure of steam release or might be because of the missing sealing ring. Whatever the reason is, this smart and efficient gadget when detecting unusually long pre-heating time, it will automatically switch to keep warm mode. This is the lifesaver safety feature. Oops! I mean a food-saver safety feature.
  • Lid lock under pressure: this safety feature ensures that the lid is locked properly when the cooker is pressurized. This will not let your Instant pot explode.
  • Anti-blockage vent: In a traditional pressure cooker, often food particles get stuck in the steam release vent. This results in a catastrophic blast. But with Instant pot, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Instant pot has a specialized vent shield that prevents the sticking of food particles in the vent release.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: with built-in thermostat under the inner pot regulates the temperature of the inner pot to be within safer range,
  • High-temperature warning:Instapot will stop heating/working when the temperature reaches above the particular limit. Temperature can exceed because of various reason including improper placement of the inner pot.
  • Extreme temperature and power protection: Instapot is quite smart. It is equipped with a special fuse that disconnects power at electrical current and very high temperatures such as 169â°C – 172â°C.
  • Automatic Pressure Control: this brilliant and efficient kitchen gadget is equipped with a patented pressure sensor mechanism that keeps the operating pressure within the range that is 70kPa – 80kPa.
  • Pressure Regulator Protection: Instant pot has a special feature of regulating pressure inside the pot. If by chance, the pressure inside the pot exceeds the limit that is 80kPa, steam release from the steam vent increases, just to lower down the inner pressure of pot.
  • Excess pressure protection: suppose, the pressure regulator has malfunctioned. Will you dump your instant pot? Not at all, it has an amazing alternative to the pressure regulator. If inner pressure exceeds the top pressure limits, Instapot’s internal protection mechanism will activate. By shifting the inner pot downwards to create a gap between the lid and the inner pot. Steam will be released from the gap into the internal chamber and heating stopped.
  • Instapot Burn Message Full Guide Here

So you don’t need to worry about your safety. Relax and have an unprecedented peace of mind in safety. And Watch Video Review 


There could be numerous reasons that force you to buy an Instapot. But in my opinion, the following are the benefits that any fast-paced and health-oriented person will consider while purchasing any instant pot:

High safety standards:
Keeping in mind all potential hazards of stovetop pressure cooker, Canadian has designed an Instapot to provide you peaceful cooking environment. Instapot has 10 safety mechanisms that eliminate the chances of a catastrophic mishap.

Nutritious and healthy food:

with its completely sealed environment, original flavor and aroma remain intact within the food. Not only this with its microprocessor-controlled cooking cycles, vitamins and minerals remain inside the food making it delicious and nutritious.

so Question in Your Mind Where to Buy Instapot So Read Full Article And Take Good decision

Ease of use:
Instapot is just like a magic pot. If you want to cook rice, press the button. Every meal that you desired is just one push away. It also includes a detailed user manual which leaves no confusion in case you need help with a function.

Instant Pot Reviews food in 2-4 times faster than the other pressure cooker. Thereby reducing energy as well. It has been claimed by the company that it uses 70% less energy as compared to other kitchen appliances.


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Choosing a suitable size of the instant pot is quite tricky. It’s not as unambiguous as the model choices. You have to follow your intuitions while selecting a suitable size instant pot.

When I planned to buy an instant pot, I became quite confused about whether to get 6 quarts or 8 quarts. Then my lifesaver gut instinct gave me an idea, which is;

Make a rule of thumb!

While selecting a pot of any size, always keep in mind that you cannot utilize its full capacity. Like, if the pot advertised 6-quart volume as its holding capacity. No one would ever fill it to the top. In fact, no one can, it will be a complete mess.  You need space for expansion, boiling, stirring, etc.

6-quart pot can be maximally filled up to 3/4th of its maximum capacity.

So …. When you are choosing the size of your instant pot, select a higher volume capacity than you need. You won’t regret buying a bigger size. Until or unless it’s way too bigger. 6 quart Instapot size is ideal for families of 4-6 members.These analysis are based on Instapot review by varied users.

Where to Buy Instapot ? Read Full Review


There are some common Instapot mistakes that not only neophyte makes but also some experienced users. Let’s talk through it.

  • You forget to put the inner pot back
  • You forget to put the sealing ring back
  • You used the rice button to cook all types of rice.
  • You filled the instant pot beyond the max line.
  • You filled an inappropriate amount of liquid that fails to produce steam
  • Unconsciously you have placed your instant pot directly on the stovetop.

No matter how smart the kitchen gadget you are using, but you need to be alert and attentive in order to avoid any mess.

best Instant pot indeed is the greatest innovation in kitchen gadgets that replace a bunch of other kitchen appliances. It’s worth buying for everyone, especially those moms who want to make and serve the meal in an hour.

If you have planned to buy an Instapot, go grab it quickly. Let me know in the comments section which one did you get. I would love to hear your exciting reviews about Instant pot.

Have A Nice Day :)